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Summer Breeze, Break or Build? Business Strategy with Envoca

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Envoca’s summer office opening hours – business as usual.

What could you accomplish during the quieter period?

Envoca Summer 2014At Envoca, we take a break from our usual training schedule in the summer months. This isn’t because we particularly want to, but because there is much less demand for workshops from our clients. Indeed, we have noticed over the last few years that from the last May bank holiday onwards there are far more people on holiday, whether they are taking extended leave or enjoying short breaks from work. Still, that doesn’t mean that when the sun is shining your company can’t review its business strategy.

How do we know?

We  carefully monitor our ‘out of office auto replies’ from our email marketing campaigns and in June, July and Aug it averages 30%, peaking during the school holidays in the latter months. This proportion has steadily increased since 2008 (about 15%) and although we realise that more people use ‘out of office’ auto-replies than before the trend would certainly appear to be on an upward curve.

Additionally, with mobile communication devices far more advanced than five years ago we’ve also observed more business owners and freelancers taking extended periods away from the office thanks to their new-found ability to keep tabs on work from their holiday homes – all while their children play in the sun! If it works, why not do it?

How do you view the summer?

Is it a wonderful opportunity for you to breathe as your workflow is reduced, with fewer emails flooding in? Or perhaps you make a concerted effort to take your well earned break while your work calender is quieter. Of course, many of you still work in seasonal industries where the summer months are in fact your busiest and you long for air conditioning in every office.

Envoca Strategy DaysOpportunity to strategise and take stock

For a number of years we have developed a working practice with our clients to use the summer months as a time to build. With your inbox slightly less congested it’s a great time for devising business strategy, developing marketing plans and reacquainting with thought leaders and best practice. Indeed, great research has taken place, compelling articles written, brands conceptualised and businesses even created while taking the air in the glorious British summertime air. Strategising over strawberries and Sancerre is definitely to be recommended!

– What factors are driving growth for your business?
– Is there anything restraining you from growing?
– Are you reaching all the customers you want to?
– Have you agreed how you are going to develop new business?

 All it takes is a day (in the sun)!

What many businesses don’t realise is that it may only take you a day to re-focus and plan your direction for the year ahead. At Envoca, we are accomplished at running strategy days with business partners, directors or senior management teams. Because of our many years experience we can get to the heart of the matter quickly and set you on track for growth. Using our marketing planning framework to guide the session we ask insightful, powerful and strategic questions, all of which enable our clients set their goals and direction. It’s an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Envoca’s summer schedule

Don’t get us wrong – each of us will be taking some well earned time out during the summer – but we also know that it’s a great time to book your strategy day with us. Get in touch today and see if Envoca can help develop your business strategy while the days are long and the sun is shining.

Building your business in the summer really can be a breeze with Envoca!

Just call us now on 01444 412056 to book a time.







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