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Employer branding

Building a powerful employer value proposition

The Employer Brand

Employer Branding Slides

You’ll know how important it is to market yourself as an ’employer of choice’ due to talent shortages and discerning, hyper informed job applicants. And in our almost fully connected world, your staff can communicate quicker through their own social channels about important company information than you could ever hope to.

Is your company really such a ‘great place to work?’ And why should people believe you?

This presentation gives you models, methods and measurement tools to help you build a powerful employer brand.

The Employer Brand – slides

You’ll need to know how to ‘measure what really matters’ to your staff with your employee surveys and build this into your employer value proposition.

And, it’s not just important to employees and management – a strong, resilient Employee Brand is now an important asset for shareholders and can have a powerful impact on your reputation with customers.

But what does a good Employer Brand look like and how is it achieved?

It’s been said that Marketing and HR haven’t always made the closest of bedfellows, as perhaps – marketing people are from Mars and HR are from Venus! But to get your Employer Brand to work, you’ll need close cooperation between these two key disciplines and senior management at the most strategic level.

So should ‘marketing’ be taken like a medicine, a pill to help the Employer Brand stand on its own two feet? Or should marketing and HR work together to build a coherent Employer Value Proposition which expresses everything the company does?

At Envoca, we’ve helped clients to understand and determine:
• What’s all the fuss about the Employer Brand? Trends and new paradigms
• The benefits of having a strong Employer Value Proposition
• Who should own the Employer Brand?
• Measure what matters – using employee surveys to find the key determinants of a strong employer proposition
• Why marketing tools and expertise help build the Employer Brand
• The marketing tools to use – reputation management, differentiation, positioning, identity and brand development, communications strategy and tools, research, feedback
• Desired behaviours and practical ways that you can encourage staff to ‘live the brand’
• A checklist to keep you on track

So call us today on 01444 412056 to discuss how we can help you build your Employer Brand.


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