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Direction Matters

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. John F. Kennedy

Strategy – knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there.

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If you are bursting with great ideas and you have a vision for delighting your customers  – you’re already a long way ahead of many. But with the daily pressures of running a business in a harsh economic climate, perhaps you find it a struggle to turn these daydreams into an actionable strategy. This is where guidance from a business development specialist can be invaluable.

Customer focussed strategy is about:

  •     Having a vision
  •     Knowing your purpose
  •     Determining your goals
  •     Building capability
  •     Navigating the peaks and troughs
  •     Insight for the future
  •     Knowing your customers

Do you need to take dedicated time to strategise?

We find that many business owners or senior managers really benefit from assimilating their ideas by strategising with someone outside of the business. As experienced specialists, the Envoca team can provide a structured or fluid approach, depending on what works best for you to help you sequence, structure and organise your strategy, planning the steps along the way.

Whether it’s an away-day with the senior management team, a half-day’s strategy brainstorming, a training workshop or a series of short sessions, we can help you define your direction, agree your goals and set an action plan. Get in touch today to discuss the future of your business on: 0203 740 3412

Upcoming Public Courses

We are delighted to offer virtual training:

Customer Journey Mapping

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...an ability to quickly analyse a situation and respond positively and effectively to it, recognising the problems and adapting to ensure that both the corporate client’s needs are addressed whilst ensuring delegate's needs are addressed.

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