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Writing for Online Media and Search Engines



Farringdon, London 4 Jul: AFTERNOON SAVE up to £100 for a full day.  
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To combine optional Secrets of Successful Copywriting course in the morning, select FULL DAY.    

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How to help visitors find what they’re looking for, get seen by Google AND noticed on any device!

Writing for Search EnginesIs your online media visible in the search engines rankings?

You have less than one second to convince visitors they want to stay on your site. So does your online content send them elsewhere or does it give them what they want, as quickly and effectively as possible?

If you want your online content to work hard for you and impress visitors by giving them what they’re looking for, you need this practical course to:
– help you understand what makes quality online content
– boost your search engine visibility
– increase engagement with varied, relevant content that people love to share
– improve readability, time on page, credibility and rankings (virtuous circle)

This afternoon course explains why we need to understand how to write for humans AND search engines. It is both an art and a science – creativity and analytical skills are both essential. Another hands-on workshop where delegates will assess results from various keyword planning tools to help them understand how to become more visible. It is ideally suited to be matched with the morning session ‘Secrets of Successful Copywriting: how to write compelling, charming copy that inspires action’. 

Who will benefit?

Anyone with responsibility for creating, managing or updating a website, online content or social media will benefit from the online marketing writing training course.

DON’T FORGET, YOU CAN ALSO BOOK THE  MORNING COURSE ‘Secrets of Successful Copywriting: how to write compelling, charming copy that inspires action’. 

Writing for Online Media & Search Engines: Key Content

  • Content is king!SEO Copywriting for Online Media
  • The role of visual communication
  • How people read online
  • What are search engines looking for?
  • Comparing SERPS (search engine ranking pages)
  • How to write for search engines AND humans
  • Impact of social media on SEO
  • Where to place the keywords and keyword planning
  • Page titles and meta descriptions
  • Headings, Alt tags and body copy
  • Google WebmasterWebsite SEO tools
  • Using Google Webmaster tools to improve keyword planning
  • Using Google Trends and Google Adwords tools for keyword optimisation
  • Improve visibility range of different online content
  • Legibility and layout
  • Blogging to get you notices
  • Different online copy  to improve engagement and visibility: FAQs, Case Studies, Factsheets, Interviews, Email

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Writing for Online Media afternoon, Full day with Copywriting

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