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Design Thinking Prototyping

Online: Part 1 - 15th Apr 2021, 9:30am to 1.00pm 
Part 2 - 16th April 2021, 9:30am to 1.00pm
WITH EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: (booked 14 days or more before the course)
£299 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £329 for one delegate
LATER BOOKINGS: (booked within 14 days of the course)
£329 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £349 for one delegate


How to convert your customer journey insights into prototypes that inspire great product/service propositions.

About the programme

What do you do after you’ve mapped your customers’ journey? Do you have the skills and tools to turn your insights into tangible improvements in the customer experience? Do you know how to get started? Or how to sign up collaborators and get the buy-in you need to make change? Whether you’re from a business, a non-profit organisation or a charity, turning your insights into genuine improvements will help you deliver a great experience.

Design Thinking Prototyping

Envoca’s Design Thinking Prototyping workshop will help you understand the mindset, tools and steps you need to move to tangible solutions you can rapidly test. You’ll apply some key design thinking-based tools and techniques to generate solutions, prioritise those to try and then define simple tests to get rapid feedback from customers.

Who will benefit?

Marketing managers, customer service managers, fund-raisers, service and operations managers, business development managers, business owners and those with responsibility for ensuring that clients, service-users or supporters are receiving the value and benefit from you throughout their lifetime. Suitable for commercial, charity, not-for-profit and public sectors.


The training will take place via Zoom and you will also use an online collaboration tool to generate ideas, prioritise those to develop and define simple tests. To make the most of the online learning, we recommend you work at a desktop/laptop in a space where you are comfortable to interact, participate and ask questions. You will need a stable internet connection and you may prefer to use a headset. In addition, we will send you a little taster of the software we use for the online collaboration along with some helpful resources and reading.

Part 1 – half day

  • What is a design thinking mindset – how to use it
  • Find and work with collaborators
  • Prioritise moments of truth
  • Empathy-based tools to discover deeper needs
  • Redefine the problem or opportunity
  • Simple ideation techniques

Part 2 – half day

  • Run an ideation session
  • Prioritise ideas
  • Develop early stage prototypes and tests
  • Get feedback on early ideas
  • Iterate and build out ideas

Envoca’s Design Thinking Prototyping workshop will ensure you can build from insights to deliver true client/supporter value, so at the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Develop deeper insights into clients’/supporters’ expectations around moments of truth
  • Use insight to inspire collaboration and buy-in across the organisation
  • Translate insight into action that delivers a better experience
  • Use rapid testing to quickly create impact
  • Create an agile approach to constant improvement

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    WITH EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: (booked 14 days or more before the course) £299 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £329 for one delegate
    LATER BOOKINGS: (booked within 14 days of the course date) £329 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £349 for one delegate 

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