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Customer Journey Mapping Masterclass


Online: Part 1 -  15th Apr 2021, 9:30am to 1.00pm
Part 2 - 16th April 2021, 9:30am to 1.00pm
WITH EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: (booked 14 days or more before the course)
£249 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £299 for one delegate 
LATER BOOKINGS: (booked within 14 days of the course)
£299 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £349 for one delegate


About the programme

Journey Mapping Road BlocksHow do your clients feel about using your service or dealing with your organisation? Is it an easy, pleasant experience? Do they know what to expect? Or perhaps some of the steps are unclear, frustrating, or just too much effort. Whether you’re from a business, a non-profit organisation or a charity, understanding your clients’ journey will help you deliver a great experience.
The Envoca journey mapping training course will help you to understand the concept of journey mapping, when and why to use it and develop the skills to undertake it for yourself. You’ll apply some key techniques used in mapping and learn how to establish priorities for customer service improvement within your organisation.
We have had many delegates from not-for-profit sector and work with charities and public-sector organisations as well as the commercial sector to help them map client / service-user / beneficiary and supporter journeys.

Who will benefit?

Marketing managers, customer service managers, fund-raisers, service and operations managers, business development managers, business owners and those with responsibility for ensuring that clients, service-users or supporters are receiving the value and benefit from you throughout their lifetime. Suitable for commercial, charity, not-for-profit and public sectors.


The training will take place via Zoom and you will also use an online collaboration tool to develop the Customer Journey Map. To make the most of the online learning, we recommend that you can work at a desktop/laptop in a space where you are comfortable to interact, participate and ask questions. You will need a stable internet connection and you may prefer to use a headset. In addition, we will send you a little taster of the software we use for the online collaboration along with some helpful resources and reading.

Mapping workshopKey content

Session 1 – half day

  • What is journey mapping?  – When & why do you need it?
  • Types of map
  • Whose journeys should we map?
  • Developing Personas
  • Scoping, setting the context
  • Project management, resources, timescales
  • Customer Insight – walking in the client’s shoes
  • Identifying all the touch points

Session 2 – half day

  • Example journey map
  • Mapping a sample journey live
  • Skills, processes, equipment and resources required
  • How to conduct a mapping workshop
  • Decisions and taking action
  • Presenting and sharing findings, prioritising
  • Evaluating results and driving change
  • What goes wrong and how to make it go right

The Envoca journey mapping training course will help you deliver true client / supporter value. The benefits are clear as it helps to:

  • Develop deeper insights into your clients / supporters’ expectations throughout their journey
  • Understand ‘moments of truth’ which make or break the customer experience
  • Develop a client orientated strategy
  • Foster a consensus view of the customer, from the outside in
  • Allocate resources and overcome the ‘silo mentality’
  • Highlight weak points in service delivery and communications
  • Identify and deliver against client expectations
  • Understand client behaviours, actions and next steps
  • Use consultation to design and improve service delivery
  • Capturing outputDeploy a systematic, process approach across the organisation to articulate service-user / supporters’ experience
  • Identify how to invest in service improvement either through addressing weak service areas or reducing attention on those areas which have little impact on satisfaction.

Additional information

How many delegates?

One person, Two or more

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