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Customer Journey Mapping Course


5th Oct 18 Bloomsbury, central London
9:30 am to 4:30 pm (registration from 9:15 am)

WITH EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: £338 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £368 for one delegate (booked 14 days or more before the course)
LATER BOOKINGS: £368 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £398 for one delegate (booked within 14 days of the course)



HannahAbout the programme

The Envoca customer journey mapping training course will help you to understand the concept of customer journey mapping, when and why to use it and develop the skills to undertake customer journey mapping for yourself. You’ll apply some key techniques used in mapping and learn how to establish priorities for customer service improvement within your organisation.

Who will benefit?

Marketing managers, customer service managers, business development managers, business owners and those with responsibility for ensuring that customers are receiving the value and benefit from you throughout their lifetime.

Key content

  • Journey mapping workshopWhat is customer journey mapping? (When & why do you need it? Types of mapping).
  • Whose journeys should we map?
  • Stages in Customer Journey Mapping:
  • Stage 1 – Scoping, setting the context
  • Stage 2 – Walking in the customer’s shoes (customer insight and data)
  • Stage 3a – Constructing the map
    – Identifying all the touch points
    – Steps in constructing a map
    – Meeting needs: current and future
  • Stage 3b – Customer Journey Mapping Workshops
    – Skills, processes, equipment and technology required
    – Preparation, agenda, briefing, colour coding and capturing input
    – How to conduct a mapping workshop
    – Needs, expectations and behaviours at each touch point
  • Mapping a sample journey
  • Example software to help the mapping process and data capture
  • Stage 4 – Decisions and taking action (presenting and sharing findings, prioritising)
  • Stage 5 – Evaluating results and driving change. Top-down and bottom-up change agenda

The Envoca customer journey mapping training course will help you deliver true customer value through:

  • Developing deeper insights into your customers’ expectations throughout their journey
  • Understanding ‘moments of truth’ which make or break the customer experience
  • Using customer consultation to design and improve service delivery
  • Deploying a systematic, process approach across the organisation to articulate customers’ experience
  • Identifying how to invest in service improvement either through addressing weak service areas or reducing attention on those areas which have little impact on customer satisfaction.

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