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Behaviour Change and Social Purpose Marketing


Online: Part 1- 20th May 9:30am to 12:45pm
Part 2: 21st May 9:30am to 12:45pm
Part 1 - 15th June 9:30am to 12:45pm
Part 2 - 16th June 9:30am to 12:45pm

WITH EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: (booked 14 days or more before the course)
£249 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £299 for one delegate
LATER BOOKINGS: (booked within 14 days of the course date)
£299 EACH for 2 or more delegates | £349 for one delegate


About the programme

Behaviour Change Marketing. Does it work?

There’s so much publicity about how to be healthier, save the environment, get active, reduce accidents etc etc. But does it work? Do we actually modify our behaviours because we see a poster?

In the words of Ian Potter, Director New Zealand Health Council:

“It would be easy to give the public information and hope they change behaviour but we know that doesn’t work very satisfactorily.

Otherwise none of us would be obese, none of us would smoke and none of us would drive like lunatics”

Behaviour change marketing (social marketing) is now gaining momentum, especially with the drain on finite resources. Just think how many of us now remember to take our re-usable bags to the supermarket, and monitor how many steps we take each day.

There there are many marketing led projects, large and small which are altering the course of history. Project sponsors and marketers happily share their learning so we can apply these techniques too.

Behaviour Change Marketing (aka Social Marketing) is a term most often used in the public sector when marketing techniques are deployed in a social context to encourage individuals to take up, stop, modify or maintain activities which will benefit them or society. Examples include smoking cessation, recycling, bowel cancer screening. But of course it is increasingly used in the private sector e.g. to reduce waste, to encourage staff to adopt helpful behaviours, to help customers to reduce their carbon footprint and to persuade clients to behave responsibly.

Many staff are now involved in ‘social marketing’ but they may not be marketers by background. Envoca’s social marketing course gives a practical introduction to the concepts of behaviour change marketing with plenty of examples and activities to demonstrate its role in society. People from a variety of disciplines have benefited from this training including health professionals, charity, local government, safety, emergency services, public service commissioners, online moderators, research & insight specialists – as well as business owners, social media managers, PR practitioners and those responsible for marketing and promotion.

Who will benefit

Private sector, public or third sector staff who are involved with promotion or campaigns, junior marketers and those who work in the public sector, health promotions personnel, marketing / advertising agency staff who work on public or third sector accounts or anyone who needs to understand how to improve their behaviour change marketing techniques.


The training will take place via Zoom and you will also use an online collaboration tool to generate ideas, prioritise those to develop and define simple tests. To make the most of the online learning, we recommend you work at a desktop/laptop in a space where you are comfortable to interact, participate and ask questions. You will need a stable internet connection and you may prefer to use a headset. In addition, we will send you a little taster of the software we use for the online collaboration along with some helpful resources and reading.

Key Content

• What is behaviour change (social) marketing? Definitions and examples
• Our target audience, needs, wants, behaviours, environments, expectations
• Research and insight approach – don’t make assumptions
• Why people do what they do – a few behavioural theories
• How do people change? Why will they change? It isn’t all about the mind!
• Developing the proposition (the social marketing mix) – how to support and promote desired behaviours
• Where does evaluation sit? Link between purpose, objectives, goals, targets (KPIs) and measurement methods
• Measure what matters – a design system that works
• What are your next steps? A planning process to enable change

Behaviour Change and Social Purpose marketing training courses can help you and your team to make a big impact on your target audience. To learn more about how Envoca can help you to develop your skills and give you some bright ideas, get in touch today on +44 (0) 203 740 3412 or at info@envoca.co.uk.

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