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Social media marketing for business

Just another bandwagon or should you be on board?

Social media is everywhere, but how can you use social media marketing for business growth and not get sucked into a time-wasting chat room?

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With over a fifth of all online time being spent on Facebook and all Fortune 500 companies being on LinkedIn – Social Media isn’t going to go away. And many companies are using it to successfully communicate with their customers and prospects, building a brand presence to drive engagement. If you want to embrace social media marketing we can:

  • Recommend the best social media platforms for you
  • Identify your target audiences and build campaigns to get followers
  • Optimise your personal and company profiles to improve search and relevance
  • Develop a social media persona, translating your brand across the different platforms
  • Build a 6 month rolling campaign plan with themes and key messaging
  • Develop engaging and interesting content to post
  • Post and schedule your updates and content across multiple platforms
  • Review and report the analytics, refine and recommend changes
  • Train your staff in How to Make Social Media Marketing Work For You

So whether you just need advice to get started or some on-going support to keep your content fresh, let us know how we can help. info@envoca.co.uk

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