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Marketing planning

Budgeting, scheduling, resourcing and writing marketing plans

Implementing a marketing plan sounds easy – but you may need a helping hand if you are tied up with running the business or selling.

Professionals working on a marketing planIf you are time pressed, it might well be more efficient and effective to get the experts to manage your marketing planning and implementation…it’s understandable, you need to stick to what you’re good at and outsource where appropriate. We regularly build marketing plans and campaigns for our clients, showing them what they can do themselves and where they need to get specialist support, and we can execute the plans too when required. We can prepare a marketing plan which sets you up with:

If you are time pressed, it might well be more effi

  • Target audience profiles
  • Product or service offerings
  • A pricing strategy
  • A distribution / channel plan
  • Customer service plan and training
  • Database and customer relationship management advise and training
  • Branding, styling, look and feel across all customer touch points
  • Annual or 6 month rolling campaign plan including themes, rationale, messaging, media and marketing tools
  • A brief for branding / advertising / PR agencies and graphic designers / web developers
  • An email service provider
  • Which social media platforms and how to do it
  • Marketing budgets
  • A resource plan, recommendation and liaison with other specialists
  • Train your staff in How to Write a Marketing Plan

It might be that you’ve nearly cracked your marketing plan and just need to put a structure to it, or perhaps you would like us to pull the whole plan together. Just let us know how we can help – info@envoca.co.uk

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