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Email marketing campaigns

Are you making the most of this highly effective marketing tool?

Do you think email marketing is dead? Many customers still prefer to receive email rather than communications via telephone, direct mail or social media.

Outsource email marketing campaign diagramWith so much other media vying for attention, how do we use email to capture the attention of our customers and encourage them to buy? And as our inboxes fill up rapidly with unsolicited email – how do you get your message across?

Looking to outsource email marketing? Sussex based, the Envoca team provide email marketing services which include:

  • Preparing email campaign schedules based on themes, events and launches
  • Analysing audience needs – so as to write compelling, motivational messages
  • Copywriting email content and articles for newsletters
  • Data management and specification for purchased data
  • Design and HTML coding of emails
  • Management and sending of email campaigns via an Email Service Provider
  • Training staff in email marketing techniques and CRM database management

If you don’t have the skills you need to run your own email marketing campaign, we can provide a fuss free outsource email marketing service to help you reach your clients in an efficient and effective way. Call 01444 412056 for more information.

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