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Database advice & CRM services

Do not pass go – quality data is essential

If you want to sustain and strengthen your client relationships, you need to ensure your communications remain relevant and engaging.

Capturing good information about your customers is vital – so that you can target them with appropriate and timely messages. And if you want to build loyalty and referrals, you’ll need to care for your customers at each step along their journey – recording all your interactions in a central, easily accessed system. We help customers manage their customer relationship management systems (CRM) and provide database advice helping businesses in Sussex and across the UK in the following ways:

  • Determining relevant and meaningful segments for your target audiences
  • Assistance with data purchase and specification where required
  • Specification of data fields, design & layout, mapping and importing of data
  • Data management, cleansing and reporting
  • Preparing campaign schedules for each target audience
  • Direct marketing  (email, postal, telephone) making use of CRM platform
  • Data management and specification for purchased data
  • Training staff in CRM database management and email marketing techniques

We’ve worked with many companies to help set them up their first CRM system, providing database advice, improving efficiencies, relationships and most importantly, increasing the returns from their marketing and CRM. Gatwick based but nationally recognised, let us know how we can help at info@envoca.co.uk

Upcoming Public Courses

We are delighted to offer virtual training:

Customer Journey Mapping

Part 1 - 25th Mar
Part 2 - 30th Mar



...successfully combine an enthusiasm and passion for teaching with experience as professional marketers. I have always left sessions feeling inspired and motivated, as well as taking away practical advice and tips- the perfect outcome for anyone attending a training course.

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