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Customer feedback

Hearing the voice of your customers

Do you know what they really think of you? Why are some people NOT buying and what do they need?

Man completing customer feedback questionnaireIt is easy to make assumptions about what customers want or why they have stopped buying – but when was the last time you took stock and actually asked them? We can help you strengthen your market position by helping you to understand how the market is changing and whether your products / services are up to the mark by providing in depth customer research. You can also learn about your reputation relative to your competitors and whether your staff are delivering. Here are some ways that we’ve helped other organisations with measuring customer satisfaction:

  • Mystery shopping and observing customer behaviours
  • Price comparisons and whether customers think they are getting value
  • Current and lapsed customer satisfaction questionnaires
  • Focus groups on quality and service delivery
  • Concept testing, defining the value proposition and market positioning
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Vox pops and video research
  • Social media analysis
  • Student and parent satisfaction surveys
  • What your brand means and whether your reputation matches up

To find out how we can help you ‘listen and learn’ with insightful customer feedback and research – call us now to find out which methods would work best for you. 01444 412056.

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