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Designing and running employee surveys

About the programme

Most organisations understand the benefits of getting high quality feedback from their staff. Larger companies may invest in expensive benchmarked schemes but smaller companies may wish to do it themselves.

So it is important to understand the principles of surveying methodology, employee engagement, differences between attitude, opinion and behaviour questions and how to get staff to actually participate. This is a very practical employee engagement training course looking at how to set up your own staff survey, best practice, tips and techniques to help you achieve great results – then turn it all into productive employee engagement training and development.

Who will benefit?

HR managers, L&D and organisational development managers, business managers and owners and senior administrators with responsibility for staff.

Key content

  • Why bother with a survey? – agreeing its purpose and remit
  • Different types of employee survey (engagement, culture / climate, compensation, well-being etc)
  • Designing your survey, how to structure and layout
  • You get what you measure – a range of different question types
  • Where the rubber hits the road – assessing behaviours and impact
  • Key criteria (anonymity, consultation, incentives, distribution, communication)
  • Putting it together – practical session designing questions across key areas
  • How to maximise response rates
  • What does it tell you? analysing and presenting data
  • Sharing the findings, gaining commitment to action – managing the process
  • Agreeing next steps

Developing and implementing employee surveys is just one of the employee engagement training courses available at Envoca. To learn more and to discuss your business’s unique training requirements get in touch today on 01444 412056 or at info@envoca.co.uk.

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