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Commitment & Resilience Index

We are delighted to be able to offer The Commitment and Resilience Index™ from The Maria Paviour Company.

Engagement is insufficient at work. Anyone can be engaged in their work, love their job; but it is a completely different matter to be engaged with the company, the team, the purpose. The Commitment and Resilience Index™ enables you to support employees in well-being at work. It does this by showing you how to measure resilience and commitment, identifying areas where there is a need to support emotional engagement, and reduce work related sources of negative stress.

Why measure commitment and resilience?

Why do you need to support and engage employees, and reduce stress?

Because stress is responsible for high levels of sickness absence. And emotional engagement is linked to performance, enthusiasm, commitment and resilience. Anything you can do to improve levels of emotional engagement and stress will improve the bottom line for your business.

And because as an employer you have a duty of care to all employees; if you fail in this duty you will be at risk of litigation. Compensation payouts for stress – which can include stress caused by increased workload – can typically be £110,000.

Emotional engagement?

Yes. Engagement has often been quoted by management consultants as a vital element to employee satisfaction and performance. Recent research has shown that this is not always what it seems. Two types of engagement have been identified: transactional engagement (engaged with the job); and emotional engagement (engaged with the organisation).

Transactional does not offer the same quality of response as Emotional. This second form of engagement is termed “Commitment & Resilience”. The Commitment and Resilience Index™ considers commitment as constituting a number of essential parts, namely the individual’s emotional engagement and commitment to:

  • The organisation
  • Their personal life and health
  • Relationships and the team
  • Their own purpose and career

So, what can the Commitment & Resilience Index™ do for you?

It is more than an engagement survey. Employers have a duty of care towards their employees. The Commitment Index is designed to measure emotional engagement, and be in line with the HSE Standards for the management of stress in the workplace.

The Commitment and Resilience Index provides identifiable areas of immediate risk of danger to employees and risk to the employer (litigation) and is therefore a early warning risk mitigation tool which protects employee and employer.

It includes:

  • Face to face interview
  • Analysis of profiles and debrief – cognitive and reactive (emotional)
  • One to one confidential coaching sessions – action planning and resilience coaching
  • Priority measures if required – follow up coaching to ensure any interviewees at risk are protected (this also protects the organisation from the risk of litigation).

This intervention is most effective with targeted groups.

Call us now on 01444 412056 to find out how to measure resilience and commitment and how the Commitment & Resilience Index can work for you.




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