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‘A Day in the Life’ – Marketing at Envoca, Part Two

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Following his first ‘A Day in the Life’ blog post two weeks ago, Fred Stanley returns with more working tales of marketing life in the Envoca offices. Keep reading to find out what exactly goes on behind the Envoca scenes, from preparing our marketing training courses to offering business strategy advice to other companies, large and small.

Patrolling Our Domain

In the ever evolving online world, it’s important to keep on top of your website and make sure high standards are maintained. This holds especially true for the Envoca site as it’s where our customers come to not just find our more about the company but also to make bookings for places on our training courses. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the experience for visitors, and this is where I come in. In order to keep the site looking as crisp and up to date as possible it’s important that all upcoming events have the correct dates attached to them, and are removed as soon as they have taken place. Additionally I’m always keen to play around with new gadgets on the site to keep it from looking outdated and feeling stale. For example recently we added a toolbar underneath our posts which enables readers to share our articles over various social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Picture Perfect

While written content on its own is of course important a compelling visual element can make an article even more appealing, and it’s usually my job to find said compelling visual content. However sourcing a good photo isn’t as simple as it might at first seem. One of the biggest obstacles with securing images is the rights attached to them – you don’t want to get in trouble for pinching someone else’s work! A good way to avoid breaking any kind of image rights law is to use advanced search on Google, and set the ‘usage rights’ tool bar to ‘free to use or share, even commercially’, as demonstrated in the picture below. This removes any images that you can’t legally use from your search results, leaving you free to pick from the remaining options without worrying about landing in hot water.

advanced search

Pressing the Latest Marketing Issues

When Envoca are doing something, we want you to know about it! When we’re asked to speak at an event or when we need to promote an upcoming training course the best way to spread the news is by creating a press release, a responsibility that falls on my shoulders. While we may post about news on social media there’s only so much information you can convey in a single tweet or Facebook post, which makes it essential that there is a detailed and informative press release to link back to. Such releases will contain contact details, information about the event and links back to the Envoca website or other appropriate web pages – hopefully making the whole experience an enjoyable one for our readers.

If you enjoyed the second part of our ‘A Day in the Life’ series, make sure you read part one here.




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