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Customer Journey Mapping Case Studies

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Practical working session case studies: customer journey mapping

Journey Mapping is central to the Customer Experience development toolkit. Take a look at some of our mini Customer Journey Mapping Case Studies to see why it is such a powerful approach to help organisations:

  • develop a shared view of how things are today
  • put themselves in the shoes of their customers
  • develop their ability to manage their customer journey
  • prioritise and drive change.

Touchpoint Analysis

An investment journey map, which revealed a point of failure at payment touchpoints – customers were finding it difficult to pay money in, which negatively affected both revenue and employee morale. The business traced the root cause back to compliance issues, which were challenged and resolved.

Internal Customer Journey Mapping

A global agro-chemicals company needed to map internal customers’ (employees) journeys. The first project demonstrated serious time delays and inefficiencies in uptake / usage of self-service shared mailbox set up. The ‘as is’ journey showed 37 steps with up to 70 days to complete, for what should be a fairly routine IT request. This had not been previously documented or understood. Working with the client, Envoca made several recommendations regarding service improvements and touch points e.g. to improve portal content, navigation, forms, permission levels along with recommendations for lead / lag metrics and baseline tracking.

Journey Mapping Programme Objectives and Discovery Plan

A major charity introduced customer journey mapping methodology not only to develop supporter journeys but to embed customer experience as a core strategy. Envoca helped them clarify objectives, milestones, build processes, identify suitable software and support the dissemination of CJM discovery throughout the organisation. 

Points of Pain in Customer Journey MappingPoints of Pain – for Customers and Staff!

An income payment journey map which revealed how the actions of a third party resulted in payments to customers becoming unpredictable, causing customers to call for help. By analysing contact patterns in conjunction with third party activity, the business established a causative link and introduced new, proactive resolution touchpoints.

Impact of Customer Journey Mapping on HR

An employee onboarding journey map which highlighted a critical, but previously invisible, dependency on two areas outside of the Human Resources function; the IT Service Desk and hiring managers. The business responded by reworking underlying hiring processes and providing coaching for hiring managers.

Improving Life-time Value

A global re-insurance giant knew that their clients (insurance companies) needed to get closer to customers and understand their journeys, to improve life-time value. They commissioned Envoca to help them build a proprietary Customer Journey Mapping methodology which they took to their clients to help them identify service weaknesses and causes of switching.




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