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Blogging All Over the World: Getting the Most From Your Blog

on Jul 25 in Online Media Articles

Keeping an online blog serves a number of useful purposes; it enables you to keep your writing skills sharp, it can help you engage with your target audience and it also serves as a digital […]

Content Curation: How to Find Relevant Online Content

on Jul 18 in Online Media Articles

As I’m sure you’re aware, the internet is a vast and almost endless territory, which is one of its key strengths as it contains an almost unfathomable amount of information. If you want to learn […]

Writing for Online Media: The Inverted Pyramid

on Jun 06 in Online Media Articles

  Reel your readers in by turning your articles upside down In the fast paced world of online media, it is essential to grab the reader’s attention early on. Words cannot afford to be wasted […]

Writing for Online Media: Headline Writing

on Jun 06 in Online Media Articles

  A snappy first line can persuade the reader to buy what you’re selling The first thing anyone sees when they read an article is the headline. A good one can persuade the reader to […]

What is a Landing Page?

on Jun 06 in Online Media Articles, Uncategorized

  A landing page is where clients are directed after a click and is specifically designed to provide information that the customer was looking for. It is ‘hidden’ from normal view and isn’t part of […]


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