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Blogging All Over the World: Getting the Most From Your Blog

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Status QuoKeeping an online blog serves a number of useful purposes; it enables you to keep your writing skills sharp, it can help you engage with your target audience and it also serves as a digital portfolio of some of your best work. But what are the do’s and don’ts of blogging? Envoca look into the matter and draw upon our own experience to help you get the most from your blogging experience.

Know your audience

Before you begin a blog post, make sure you’re fully aware of the demographic who you want to reach with your content. Is it primarily a B2B audience? Are you looking to target over 50’s? Under 25’s? How about the gender of your audience? The answers to these questions should significantly alter what your blog post looks like, and hopefully will ensure your content doesn’t feel generic and vague.

Be interactive!

While the actual content in your blog posts is crucial to its overall success, it’s also important to offer the reader something more than just words on a page. Sites such as WordPress and Blogger enable you to insert polls into posts or the sidebar of your blog, and interactive features such as these are a fantastic way of engaging your audience and can encourage them to take an active part in your blog, as does the comment section under each post.

Don’t be too personal

While blogs are meant to be one’s personal account of an event or an opinion on a subject, avoid the pitfall of being too personal and self involved when writing your content. While the blog may recount your own experiences it can be easy to fall into the trap of being a bit too ‘me me me’, when the reader really wants to know about the experience itself and the story you’re trying to tell. Remember, people read blogs because they think you might be able to ‘help them solve their problem’ or ‘get new ideas’.  In many ways you should treat writing a blog post in the same way as you would an article for a third party website, which means avoiding writing in the first person where possible.

Promote, promote, promote

Even if you feel like you’re ramming your blog down your social media followers throats, don’t hold back. The average life of a tweet is six seconds so one tweet per day is unlikely to be seen by most of your followers, which makes repetition crucial. If you’ve written a great blog post don’t be afraid to post five, six or even more times about it on social media within a few days. Additionally, make sure you spread your social media posts across a range of sites to increase the reach you’re getting with your promotional efforts. And if you really want to go that extra mile? Search Engine Optimize all of your content to make it that much easier to find on the net.

Double check your work for mistakes

It’s not the most glamorous part of blogging, but self reviewing your work (or better still, get another pair of eyes to run the rule over your blog posts) before it’s published can dramatically improve the quality of the final product on your blog. After all, how frustrating would it be to spend hours on a compelling article only for people to highlight the spelling and grammatical errors that appear in it as opposed to the brilliant prose and painstaking detail that you went into? Be careful when using spell checkers on blogging sites as they can occasionally let a mistake slip the net – for maximum efficiency copy and paste your content into MS Word or an equivalent processor.

Did that guide help you maximise the effectiveness of your blog? Do you have any questions about blogging for the Envoca team? Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01444 412056 or email info@envoca.co.uk


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