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Marketing strategy development

How are you going to grow? Why will customers choose YOU?

Strategic planning is not for wimps! It takes courage and determination to agree your direction, find a strong market position and sustain your competitive advantage. Find out how we can help you with your marketing strategy development, implementation and success.

You may feel that you go round in circles when discussing your next steps and business direction. Indeed, you may even disagree amongst yourselves about which is the best way to go. We’ve facilitated a number of strategy ‘away- days’, giving business owners and managers the chance to step back and view the business from a different perspective. And we’ve gone on to help with the strategic marketing planning including:Chess pieces symbolising marketing strategy

  • Defining goals and direction, vision, values, mission and purpose and long-term aims
  • Agreeing which audiences to target
  • Setting objectives, timescales and agreeing metrics
  • Performing marketing strategy audits to help businesses review their plans
  • Critically reviewing the market forces most likely to impact your business
  • Assessing the roles and relationships of your distributors, suppliers, employees and investors
  • Reviewing financial matters, profitability, access to cash, investment requirements and budgets
  • Determining an effective position in the market
  • Developing branding and marketing communications
  • Building loyalty through CRM (customer relationship management) processes and systems
  • Training your staff in Strategic Marketing Planning

If you think we can help you with any of the above, why not send us a few notes on the form opposite or call 01444 412056 for a no obligation chat about marketing strategy development.



Upcoming Public Courses

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Part 1 - 15 Apr am, Part 2 - 16 Apr am

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Part 1 - 29 Apr am, Part 2 - 30 Apr am

Collaborative Customer Experience Design
Part 1 - 13 May am, Part 2 - 14 May am

Behaviour Change & Social Purpose 
Part 1 - 20 May am, Part 2 - 21 May am





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