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Customer insight and market research

What do customers really think? Do they care?

Well planned market research helps you build a stronger, more relevant proposition AND avoid costly mistakes. In fact, smart market research is a crucial part of any strong marketing strategy business plan.We’ll explain the options; from customer feedback to focus groups, surveys to mystery shopping.

If you want to hear the authentic voice of your clients, it’s always a good idea to commission an impartial researcher to gather customer insight. It helps you remain anonymous and avoids bias. At Envoca, we have many years’ market research experience amongst the team and we’ve helped customers with:

  • Customer feedback and satisfaction surveysTarot wheel to demonstrate customer insight
  • Concept and positioning research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Key influencer interviews
  • Current and prospective customer focus groups
  • Lost / lapsed customer surveys
  • Student and teacher focus groups
  • Staff engagement surveys
  • Commitment and Resilience Index assessment tool for staff (CRI)
  • Communication and messaging research (surveys, interviews and focus groups)
  • Vox Pops (video and audio)
  • Train your staff in Market Research and Using SurveyMonkey

To find out how we can help you better understand your customers and build a more insightful marketing strategy business plan grounded in thorough market research, call 01444 412056 or drop us a line info@envoca.co.uk


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