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Behavioural Strategy – advice, insight and capability building

Do you have a clear vision about how to delight your customers and improve service-user experience? Or do you find it difficult to second-guess how your clients and employees will act or respond? Service design is hard, and it can be difficult to turn your daydreams into an actionable strategy.

Behavioural Planning Process

Behaviour Change Strategy and Process

It’s rare that designing services or planning client experience moves seamlessly through this cycle. The reality is that issues arise at any point in the customer journey. This is why human-centred design, and agile processes are at the heart of how we approach behavioural strategy, to help organisations like yours develop and refine products and services that put people first.

Wherever you’re at on your journey, we can work with you to…


  • strategic scope
  • the behavioural context of the choice environment


  • the bottlenecks and frictions in client journeys
  • the causes of service delivery problems


  • customer-centric philosophies
  • the actions and pathways that service-users should take, and prioritise them
  • behavioural outcomes and likely impacts


  • prototypes using agile systems thinking
  • workable solutions and intervention devices


  • sustainable nudges or interventions which enable behaviour change
  • rigorous data-driven testing to demonstrate the validity and viability of different options
  • empirically sound evaluation strategies

If you have:

  • realised that not all clients behave as you expect
  • found that some nudges encourage helpful behaviours, but not necessarily for those who need it most
  • observed some worrying unintended consequences
  • discovered that your marketing tactics aren’t providing optimal response

… you may need to refine your plans and update your behavioural strategy.

Whether you need guidance for any of these stages, or need to up-skill and empower your team to help them execute your strategy, we can support this through our masterclasses, training and on-site facilitation as well as project planning and guidance.

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Do you need to take dedicated time to strategise?

We find that many senior managers or business owners really benefit from assimilating their ideas by strategising with someone outside of their organisation. As experienced specialists, the Envoca team can provide a structured or fluid approach, depending on what works best for you to help you sequence, structure and organise your strategy, planning the steps along the way.

Whether it’s an away-day with the senior management team, a half-day’s strategy brainstorming, a training workshop or a series of short sessions, we can help you define your direction, agree your goals and set an action plan.

Give us a call on +44 (0) 203 740 3412 to talk about your future behavioural strategy and next steps.

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