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What is a Landing Page?

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A landing page is where clients are directed after a click and is specifically designed to provide information that the customer was looking for. It is ‘hidden’ from normal view and isn’t part of your company’s main website, so it cannot be navigated to.

ID-100141953A Strong Call-to-Action Is Key

When a potential customer arrives at your landing page you have the opportunity to engage them further or even convince them to buy your product. By including a stand out ‘call-to-action’ button, for example an e-mail sign up or ‘buy now’ link, you stand an excellent chance of increasing your conversion rate. 


A strong call-to-action should:

  • Use simple, easy to understand language. Don’t be vague.
  • Be prominent on the page so that it immediately grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Include an incentive (i.e a time limited discount) to entice the reader to make a purchase.

Don’t Forget the Presentation

Even though your landing page might not be accessible from your main website it should still mimic your main site’s style, including the font, colour code and overall design. Just because it isn’t part of the core website doesn’t mean it should look any different.

Some other tips for making your landing page as enticing as possible:

  • Include a succinct, compelling headline – but don’t try to be too clever with it.
  • Make sure key information is immediately visible. Let the reader know that they have arrived on the right page straight away.
  • Keep it simple and avoid including too much information. A difficult to navigate landing page can really turn off potential customers.
  • Don’t be shy about including a link to your main website, but try to make it subtle.

There is compelling evidence to show that landing pages have a MUCH higher conversion rate than moving people to a standard website form (they navigate away). Give your company the best chance possible of succeeding and create your landing page today.

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